Month: October 2007

Apriori Algorithm – Ruby

AA is not only where the alcoholics get help but also where were data miners go when they need to find a basic algorithm to locate all the combinations that appear a certain number of times in a set of information. The Apriori algorithm, takes an initial data set, beats it to a pulp, strains

Find-S Algorithm – Ruby

I created this a while back. One of the first Machine Learning algorithms that I implemented in Ruby. Hope it helps people out. ######## # Title: Ruby Implemintation of (Find-S Algorithm) # Description: Find-S algorithm allows us to get a hypothesis that will categorize # our data set to its MOST GENERAL FORM. # Author:

Inverted Index and Ruby

Inverted Index and YOU! Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and basically all other search engines had to start somewhere and so we start here with an Inverted Index. What is it? Heck! why do we even use it? In the opening of this article i brought up a few search engines, they use large, billion and billions