Month: February 2008

Comparing Distance Formulas. Part III

This article will cover the Euclidean Formula. I will cover the basic equation for the algorithm, provide running and working examples for both Ruby and PHP5, but will state advantages and disadvantageous of the algorithm after covering every algorithm in the article. Background – Euclidean Algorithm One of the oldest and one of the most

Comparing Distance Formulas. Part II

Before diving into the algorithms I would like to step back and take a look at the data we will be analyzing with our examples. Where did the data come from? The data originated from the data mining challenge. The challenge was created by Netflix 2-3 years ago to allowed data mining junkies the

Comparing Distance Formulas. Part I, and and countless other sites out there rely on comparing a group of people to answers users submit on a daily basis. Some like use a long questioner while others, such as, uses renting habits of a user to determine if a the user might like another product. In a – PHP5 Site

I wrote this entry close to 2am so i made no sense now that I read it. This is more of a technical background on how works and why I went the path I chose. Technology was built using PHP 5 and MySQL as a non-volatile data storage medium. Given that I chose