Missing Posts – Zend Authors Commenting on my Blog.

Its 2008 and with all the miracles that modern technology has provided us, it cant provide a blog software to roll back removing of comments. Yes people I accidentally removed the posts made by 2 Zend authors.

So in a nutshell Matthew Weier O’Phinney, commented on my gripes I had with Zend_Form, located here, and also commented on my Zend_Loader code review, located here but I accidentally removed them.

He pointed out that Zend_Form was created to facilitate a need to create easy, fast, forms during development. He also pointed out that Zend_Validate and Zend_Filter are available if we, developers, dont want to create a form using Zend_Form BUT want to continue using the validation that the form uses. Thanks Matthew.

On the comment I made about how Zend_Load might be slower. He states that the next version of the Zend Framework will optimize the loading of dependent files so we will be encouraged to use Zend_Load, yay!

Again, sorry about that guys. The posts were lengthy and to the point but I accidentally erased them…my bad.

Armando Padilla

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