Month: March 2010

The new toy soldier

When i was a kid I used to play “war”, it was mostly cops and robbers but lets just say you didnt want to get caught lol. Ive been recently reading a few articles about the new soldier in the field in a technologically advanced country. The soldier? The computer hacker. I think these computer

List of 10

1. I had my yearly review last went well 2. Ive been going on weekend hikes. 3. Ive been in an interesting mood lately. 4. Finals are this week. 5. Feel there are things better kept to myself. 6. Listening to Elton John. 7. Looking at purchasing a BMW 5 series within the. Maybe.


Do you think that we run in the way we live our life? I used to run a few laps in the opposite direction everyone else was running at the local park in South Gate when i lived in Los Angeles. Now, I run with my head down trying to finish my 2 miles. I