I made an unconscience decision

I was sitting in a Nissan a few weeks ago starring out into the night sky from the back seat driving to, i forget now. In the car, a guy from Michigan, a girl from India, a guy from the Los angeles valley, and me a guy from south central los angeles. The thought of that brought a smile to my face for the rest of the night.

I keep going back to the day I decided to go to North Hollywood. That day everything changed.

I dont have much to write, and oddly when im in my car I feel like writing. I start talking to myself, “Oh that would be a nice topic”, or, “huh that would be nice to think about further”, but when I get here, nothing oddly comes out.

What ever happened to you Maggie? Its like you dropped off the face of the earth. Ive asked what has happened to you, if your doing ok, but it’s always the same story, “I havent heard form her”. I think you would have been a very loyal friend. “Strong” is the only word that comes to mind when I remember you. Who knows maybe your reading this.

Eh, I’m pretty tired. I think I miss the friends that have just sat around with me not saying much and just let time pass by. There was a refreshing feeling to that. At least I have the memories right? I think I’m a quiet person, the humorous person people see, I think is just a mask. I would much rather sit and just “hang”

I’m heading to Los Angeles this weekend, Easter weekend. I think i’ll drive around, visit friends, take my parents to San Pedro or might as well take them to Catalina. Who knows.


Armando Padilla – “..to shut the door on you and put cement to cover the opening.”

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