Ring true.

Someone I have on facebook had this as their status today.

“A true friend doesn’t care if you’re broke as a joke, your house is a mess, you are drunk as a skunk, or your familly is filled with crazies…they love you for who you are. A true friend can go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship.”

Lately I’ve been thinking about the latter.

I dont have many friends and those that stay around are to die for and are true. These close knit set of people understand what my core is, how i spend my time, and what i do with it. They understand that I love to work , I love to provide, and I spend my time mostly doing those things. None of these friends have scoffed at the time I spend with them, none of these friends question it or raise it as an issue.

So what do they do that’s unique? What do they do that sets them apart from the rest? What they do is enjoy the time we spend playing Nintendo, having a hard shell taco at Del Taco, eating out at a Mountain View Mexican restaurants late at night, or simply sitting down at Starbucks to catch up on the months, years we haven’t spoken.

To my friends, thanks for making it seem like no time has ever passed between us.

Armando Padilla “…to the rests I wish you well in your journeys”

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