Getting it off my chest.

There are men in this world that promise women the world, nothing but their heart. They mention how they cant provide materialistic things but it doesnt matter since they’ll treat you right(???). Most women fall for this, and If i was a girl im sure I would too. But lets dissect this statement.

For argument sake, You hit it off, you move in, and then you realize rent is due, the phone bill is due, electrical bill is due, and you still need to worry about putting food on the plate. You begin to stress because you dont have time anymore. Your time? Its being taken up by work to provide those things (which are the basics).

The rosy picture of “giving you my heart” seems to be long gone because your too busy trying to find what you deem, materialistic and those things that allow you to go to vacations and relax, which youll need.

Now this is were things get interesting. Kids pop into the picture, and according to recent statistics you need about 50k to raise a decent child. So much for being mediocare huh?

Lets take drinking. Thinking about it, you might say, “Ha yea i can provide”, but lets just say that if you drink and get drunk now, wait until reality hits you. Your going to be a bubbling mess of a person. But thats ok you promised your heart…how laughable.

You might think, “This guy doesnt even know me”. And your right I dont know you but what I do know is the time living in a house similar to what I described (25 years to be exact) is very similar to what might happen. Its not pretty.

I like to think im a “big picture” type of guy (hence the reason im looking well into the future). So, Im not stressing over this. Im mostly just putting out my own propaganda at this point :-).

What im saying is, If someone is stupid enough to fall for you, I shouldnt be around them.

Armando Padilla on …

Her: “Dont feel hes better than you…”
Me : “HAHAHAHAH dude I KNOW im better than him” (Yes i did laugh out loud)

and let me add one more..
I know ill be a million times the better man, father, and provider, than you’ll ever become.

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