Saturday. Feels like a Friday. Work, School, and other musings.

Eh, bad dream so im up pretty early. Mountains of books, elephants, a sleeping lion in front of a dilapidated home, a zoo within a swap-meet, and being betrayed by a friend. The weird thing about all this? After I found out the first person that popped into my head to find was Veronica (someone I consider a friend as of lately, but never thought she would be in High School). Pretty much a nightmare. The act that was used to betray me was not that bad actually, and if it does pan out…that would be kinda cool. It was just the response they took once I found out. Not cool. Im going to give this a bit more thought.

Im good at some things.
I was sitting in my Computational Complexity class and realized, “Wow AWESOME!”. I hate math, but this dude was totally rocking it. He made it super interesting and super exciting to learn. I just wish my other Prof were this cool. I realized that I suck at algorithms (CS) but Im really good at building software, Software-Engineering. From the UML, Architecture , to the release I think I have this down good but algorithms…yea no 🙁 The thing is, when i can start to teach my Profs on the latest technologies and mistakes THEY ARE MAKING…i kinda feel ripped off. I dont appreciate it. Lets put it this way. Some people take Spanish or *enter your super easy class here* for an easy A. I take any software engineering course for that A….not very cool. So I feel like there is more to learn but Ill do that on my own when it comes to Software-Engineering and decided to change up my course schedule to focus on Algorithms. So all my electives now contains, Algorithm related course work. Not bad…im happy with this change.

The birthday
Seriously people…stop asking me what I want to do. I dont want to do anything. Is this bad? No its my day…MY…day. If you think i will like this or that, thats pretty cool but really…chill out already. I just want to stay home and not be bugged. Yes I do that most of the time … :-|….well actually all the time…but who cares. I wanted to go to Catalina but the thought of either driving or flying (ugh) down to LA at this point is not an option. Im just way too exhausted. Maybe ill just order pizza and slum around the house with my PJs for the entire day, maybe yell out the patio at the noisy kids, or taunt the dogs next door so they can get hysterical… or something entertaining like that…huh sounds like a plan.

Armando Padilla … “this freaking cough doesn’t go away”

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