Dinner with Google and HTML 5 – Meetup Notes

Google chrome OS will use HTML 5 extenson to run in the google OS.
So any extention written for Google chrome will also work in the google OS.

HTML 5 might not work on IE. IE 9 will have some support.

Web apps can be more desktop in user experience.

Cool factor, the powepoint deck was written in HTML 5 lol
Using CSS, Javascript, HTML 5

In the beginning
started off as a spec
Standard in 2012

Why web standards are important
Thing will look the same 10 years later, he showed a very old page

HTML 5 is not HTML 5
umbrella term – “The new web platform”
WHat it contains: CSS3, Javascript Api’s,
Geo location
started off in HTML 5 spec but then started to break off into their own sections to ship off faster.

What browser supports HTML 5
Firefox IE 9 – some support for HTML 5

HTML 5 feature
Desktop experince

What was HTML 5 being targeted to Desktop vs Mobile app?
“targeted to desktop but many of the things is applicable to the mobile [exprience] as well”

you can specifi relations
new form elements
search boxed
Mobile – input fields will have built in X
Menu, progress bars,

can place semantic inforamtion for specific tags.

supports true type fonts.
without web fonts there are only 9 fonts. This allows you to use huge amounts of fonts.

easier way to create columns.

CSS support
Stuff you can do with the new HTML 5 features.
Text wrapping
Setting opacity. CAn adjust opacity of differnet layers.
can use HSL instaed of RGB
Shadows to text. Who needs photoshop!

“Ypu can do things in the browser which would have required you to do it in Photoshop”

Transitions are much smoother, easing is used instead of uprupt tansitions of movements. Wow this looked really really nice.

Whoopes first bug in the presentation. Animation did not work

3D transformationacn zoom in and out using CSS.When you click on the key press there is a zoom in and out…This looked really rad.

Paint on the browser using code!

Can have video inside
Since there is an issue with which browser can use which codex, it will be interest to see how it all plays out. The idea is to have pne common codex but who knows!

Desktop Experience
Drag and drop support

Web storage
saves data in the local storage.

What is an OS app
Should run online and offline
Should be useing Web DB to allow user to work on the system even when they are not online.
Webb Storage was brought on by google gears.
They wanted a way to read stories and still read them offline
They downloaded a few stories for the user and stored them in the db.

How is it getting the location? Is implemented by each browser so its really up to the browser to fetch it.

Desktop notifications
Chroms 4 windows
Might be able to use this pushing alerts to pepole on mobile phone.

What info does the geolocation contain???

Sandboxing flash source code into Chrome. Will make it more secure.

There seems to be a wide consensus to find a tool to help the HTML 5 creation. Why???? HTML 5 isnt a grand thing!!! its just HTML, CSS, and JS, …. im not understanding why this is soo difficult to understand.

blog.chromiam.org <- check for decks Are there any tools to create HTML 5? Same tools should apply. He uses textmate..

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