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The Architecture

I started off by drawing plans on how to architect the Text Processor Engine (TPE) and realized I had to take several steps back and understand how the system as a whole would work.  In the middle of that exercise I realized the TPE would not scale and wasn’t a very good path forward.  I

Data Identification

Its the Data… Yes, a play on the age old, “Its the economy stupid!”.  But, as I think about the Jor-El system I want to create, I keep going back to the idea that it all starts with the data. What we can build and form knowledge off of. This section will cover the data

The Goal & Plan

It took a while……Family, work, and just lack of energy to start, I just feel I had to start. So, I created a comprehensive list of things I need to accomplish to get to, what I think will be a v1 of the system.   Before diving into the plan I want to cover the vision/goal. 

Project Jor-El

When I was 10-11, not really sure how old I was to honest. I would jump on a bike and rush to play at my uncle’s farm. Cows, dogs, chickens, you name it, there were animals to play with. Aside from the animals my uncle treated me as an equal and at such a young