Month: December 2009


I have 2 hours before i have to head out to LAX and taking this time to work a bit on a few items. Im sitting in a coffee chop i frequent, listening to Sting in the headphones and watching as a 10 year old girl sits with her dad drinking a frapacino. The man

Clear head.

The list. 1. If enough people say this does it make it true? 2. The similarities are very eerie at this point. Not really sure what to make of it. 3. Im starting to feel like im chasing my own tail. The feeling is very exhausting. 4. How much is too much information. 5. Is

8-ball, corner pocket.

“Double vanilla latte. Can you put into a medium sized cup?”. The lady pours the milk into the large iron cup, steams the milk, pumps 3 shots of vanilla into the paper cup, pours the milk into the paper cup, adds the espresso, and finally hands it to me. Its an exact science which takes