Month: January 2010

This weekend, I got caught up with a few things at home specifically my initial attempts at benchmarking Zend Framework (ZF).  Ive heard some rumbbling about its performance compared to other PHP frameworks so I had to take a look.  This week was THAT! week lol. I sat down on Saturday and using my personal

The voice of God.

I have night shift. For those with no pets, specifically dogs let me clarify what that means. Dogs need to be taken out a few times a day if you have indoor dogs and you have no backyard of any kind. You alternate or split up the time when you take them out. “I take

Spain and other things.

Where to go from here is the only possible question floating in my head at the moment. I came back from Spain with a sense of focus and determination to get things done. My future So first order of business, I’m interested in pursuing a management role at some point in my career. I also