First Day of Grad School

After attending two graduations, one my own and the other monica’s i started school this week. Same ol Same ol. nothing has changed, i just feel a bit more overwhelmed since i want to at least publish something every year im there. Yes highly unlikely but like they say, Aim high so you can reach your goal. No not really no one says things like that just trying to aim high so i can have something good to show when im 60 or so.

My graduation sorta sucked. My parents didn’t get in and daisy didnt get a nice cover for her diploma. We did have that loser Warren Christopher (Secretary of State) give a pretty hideous speech about helping needy kids…(like i cared about those needy kids) Ah well.

So im dropping one of my classes. CIS blah blah. I dont know the course name, I think its “Special Topics in something” but i decided to drop the course once i noticed the required reading, “SAP” yea, no, not for me.

Armando “feeling out of it” Padilla

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