The new toy soldier

When i was a kid I used to play “war”, it was mostly cops and robbers but lets just say you didnt want to get caught lol. Ive been recently reading a few articles about the new soldier in the field in a technologically advanced country. The soldier? The computer hacker.

I think these computer geniuses will realize one day how ill advised they are to take sides, publish papers on how to attack an energy grid, or assault computer networks when the first smart bomb lands on their home. At this point the many many “brave” cyber warriors will realize they are not lone “wolf” living out their fantasies of helping a cause but rather just a stupid kid living inside their own fictional world. Sorry bub but Ctrl+Z (undo) doesnt work in real life.

Its just one large video game, war that is. I think this is a dangerous way to fight a war. It makes fighting a war, going to war, very easy to do. Less casualties on the more advanced nation means the more advanced nation will feel they have less to lose and therefore say Yes much quickly to going to war.

Armando Padilla

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