God, Oil Spills, and the invisible hand of lameness.

When i see banks failing, riots, currencies failing, wars about to spark, and general actions of institutions be it right or wrong, I dont see institutions failing or working, I see tools by an invisibe hand moving its pieces to form an overall new path. On a micro level individual actions make no sense, seem to be self-ish, or seem to be unconnectable. What people fail to realize is at the macro level, how the organization moves and breaths.

Governments are tools to push change not create it.

Lately I’ve wondered why i save the bulk of my money. If i die today where will it go and why did I save it if it wasnt for anything at all. I used to amuse myself and say i collect money but now the statement makes me a bit sad. Why am I doing it? A rainy day? Retirement? Im a developer, I work long hours because i like it, and I have enough stress to negate 10 yaers of my life; retirement doesnt seem like a possiblity. A heart attack does. Looking for an answer.

Oil spill. The issue has become a very hard hitting issue for me. To watch the oil wash ashore, hear of birds drowning because they cant swim out of the goo, to know that this was all man made, and to hear that people care more about their insignificant Facebook profiles more than the earth dying, turns an otherwise good day to very depressing feeling.

I’ve become so angry in fact that the issue of God comes up. Where is God? Can God just end it all and start all over? Humanity has destroyed the earth enough! I know ill die too but thats ok. Its time for a do-over.

You know, in some religions the bad things that are happening to the earth are done by Satan. Which then brings up the question, If he’s doing his job where did God go? Did God take a lunch break? Could it be that God just simply doesnt exit? Could it be that God is just tired? Or, let me try this one…Its Gods will. It seems that God can never go wrong, what a nice gig.

God has dropped the ball.

Armando Padilla … on – Wondering when itll be God’s will to get with the program.

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