…It’s Dr. Cat to you sir!

There’s a cat, black and white, which roams around the CS building on campus. No, it doesnt go to other buildings or head down to the library which should be ideal for this cat since the food court is also there; this cat just roams around the CS building exclusively…huh.

Maybe its trying to get a degree too? Who knows.

So I have this thing I go through down to a science. The cycle:
1. Cant sleep. Too much happening in my head from trying to counter questions raised by my head to pacing back and forth. This time I pulled an all nighters with Dexter and True Blood …:-]
2. I get nervous and anxious (beats me why)
3. I get sad.
4. I get pissed.
5. I get SUPER pissed.
6. I get sad again not because of the original topic but more about the fact that it keeps coming up and though I feel im in total control, this freaking thing makes me realize im pretty weak in this subject.
7. Give up and accept it.

Im in the 5/6 phase. :-] lol. I cant say its getting an easier either. Huh. Weak…very weak. Meh.

Armando Padilla

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