Try. What i gave a friend in HS.

Not that many people take the time to look at this section so when i started to get hits on this section of my page I grew interested. Then again I’ve havent written on here much do to things. I know your reading. Bored at school? Its ok I dont mind. I bet you’re telling your self, “Not this again” dont worry its not “that” again.

Coming to that critical moment in time where you have to accept things for what they are has hit me in the face. Call it my brick wall. I still struggle with it, im sure you read my previous posts. But I know my place, even if i dont agree with it, I know where i belong.

So my life. I thought I had it under control, I cant say its good and I cant say its bad. Im happy and content with life. I can protect my family and help those that need helping. Thats really all I ever wanted from the onset of my “master plan”. Though I sometimes wish I can tell people to fuck off. Hence the status on my IM yesterday. I have learned to deal with it. I wont go into details since I dont want to shove my problems on you and you have better things to worry about at the moment. Your list.

The list. No im not going to say “You can do it” or “YEA! good job” (sounds pretty stupid) since that will more than likely take the wind off your sails and thats not what is best. But im happy for you. The cop thing. 🙂 Thanks. Im happy just because thats on the list.

Thank you for not closing/making your myspace page private again. Its good to see how your life is going. Im naturally nosy, not because I want to say, “told you” or “yep knew it”. Im just naturally nosy but have realize my nosy-ness allows me to help. Dont worry I wont help you. You need none of my help and that really makes me happy. I have to say though that I have a problem reading too much into things and most if not all of the time I make the wrong conclusions. I’m learning to take things at face value…slowly and its helping.

My parents ask about you. They wish you well. Hope you are doing well.

Armando Padilla