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Zend_Service_Netflix Release 1 Available.

So about a month after initially starting on the code, I finally released two versions of the Zend_Service_Netflix wrapper for the Zend Framework, submitted a proposal to the Zend Framework Team, and changed the status on my proposal from “New” to “Ready for Review”.  Pheww was that hard work put to good use.  It feels

Poormans PHP Architecture

This is a proof of concept. Im using APC, memcached, and Smarty. Smarty I’ll be leveraging the Smarty front end caching engine for the fictitious application. The smarty engine caches all compiled templates and only updates if it identifies any updates to the page. APC Will be used to store compiled PHP code. Since PHP

Architecture – Zend Framework App #1

Intro Facebook, MySpace, and yes everyone’s other cool community based application has a new neighbor, ‘Ficticious Application #1’. It has the cool features of adding your friends to a network of people, selecting your shows, and other neat little features as adding videos of your favorite show to your profile. But this isnt a plug

Handling Form Errors in PHP

Since most of web development revolves around form processing i made this crude Error handling class a while back. Its very simple containing 1. isEmpty 2. isValidLength 3. isNumerical 4. isAlpha …and more. enjoy. /*************************** * Name: Error.class.php * Description: Handles error checking and reporting * throught out the site. ****************************/ class Error { var