Poormans PHP Architecture

This is a proof of concept. Im using APC, memcached, and Smarty.

I’ll be leveraging the Smarty front end caching engine for the fictitious application. The smarty engine caches all compiled templates and only updates if it identifies any updates to the page.

Will be used to store compiled PHP code. Since PHP has to compile down to opcode we can take away this overhead by storing opcode somewhere for the server to hit. Note: some test indicate that EAccelerator out performes APC. Might use that as a substitute instead of APC.

Will be used to reduce the number of hits on the DB. With the data initially pulled from the DB and stored in memory we dont have the overhead of opening a connection and quering the DB.
I will test out this set up on one of my applications and see how well it does.

Armando Padilla

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