PHP Standards – My first attempt to standardize the build practice.

With Bob Marley’s song, Natural Mystic, blaring in my ears, I’m looking at code on my laptop screen.

Java code. I thinking to myself, “Humm…well structure code and documentation with every application I open up containing ‘.java’ files.” I run maven, then ant, and in seconds a well structured web application is created for me instantaneously much like the Rails command “rails”.

Can it be that PHP just lacks these structures and tools to allow it to successfully fight for a

piece of the J2EE market share (aside from a faster engine)?

In this article I will try to put into place a few development practices for a PHP web application.

From testing to documentation, these are more of personal ideas and notes that I have followed and

recommend when starting a new PHP web application project.

Documentation – The Technical Spec
Before the application code even sees the first comment, the first ‘

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