We really are passengers.

Last week was very interesting for me, as you can tell by the erratic postings on my blog. A few days ago something happened while driving to class. While driving, a car pulled up next to me, the girl was alone in the car, and we just cruised along together for about 10 minutes. I didnt advance, she didnt advance, we were pushing 80mph, and we were in lock-step. It felt nice.

At some point I sped up a bit and watched her car slip behind me. I noticed her in the rear-view mirror. After 5 minutes she caught up, or maybe i slowed down? regardless we were back in sync and drove for 2 minutes again. Finally, she sped up…really really fast and I lost track of her ahead of me.

I knew at that point that no attempt on my part to catch up to her would make a difference, I would never catch up. At this point my life and this drive to school became eerily similar.

2 lanes on a road, 2 cars, 2 drivers, and 2 minds acting in their best interests. At some point we must all feel content even if every bone in your body says, “speed up dumb ass and catch up”. (No i wasnt hitting on this girl, so i wasnt thinking that to hit on her. Just to be clear)

Armando Padilla – on..huh. that Sara Bareilles has some nice catchy songs…who knew!

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