Some notes before the run…

…huh. im kinda still in that state. I feel like a good run will do the job to get it off my chest and get it off my head. Lately a friend has been the brunt of my venting. The friend has been all ears so its cool hope she doesnt get tired of the same topic, I sound like a little brat and a broken record. There’s just a lot more questions than answers for me at the moment. Im sure, and confident that these are questions I tend to just shove to the back of my head and not really deal with them. Who knows…well yea I know. I thought I had dealt with this and sectioned it all off, like the police sectioning off a crime scene…”Nothing to see here folks…move along”.

Like I told my friend, im sure ill get over this too with work. The bright side to this? At least i know im not invincible…duh right? Talk about feeling like one thing can knock you down so fast and shake up your like in such a way. I dont know if thats a good thing, that theres a thing out there that can do that? Im sure as long as im not around it ill be fine.

Im in step 6 of the cycle i like to call, “the fu**en cycle of lameness”. Itll all turn to hate followed by acceptance, followed by feeling dumb for hating it, and then tada! im back to normal focusing on work and becoming indifferent to to the subject.

Welp..sounds good im out for my night run. I officially need a hair cut…

Armando Padilla

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